Schauplätze der Zukunft

Schauplätze der Zukunft

Way ahead of its time, this virtual TV studio created a fluid visual effect by pushing virtual broadcast technology to its limits, which reflected the agenda-setting content of the programme.

This virtual TV studio was among the first of its kind. Created for the Austrian TV programme “Schauplätze der Zukunft”, which examined the technologies of the future and ways in which we might live, the studio needed to reflect the ambition of the programming.

Built from a physical model that was translated into a 3D virtual environment, the design was an immersive digital space within a chroma key environment, allowing producers to superimpose the presenters onto virtual backgrounds.

This allowed Veech x Veech to create organic, free-flowing “endless” loops that would have been unachievable at the time without using these technologies, meaning the TV studio was at the absolute cutting edge.



Concept Model


ORF – Austrian Broadcasting Corporation
Vienna, Austria
Design Team:
Stuart A. Veech, Mascha Veech - Kosmatschof, Alexander Ott, Constantin Papachristopolous, ORF Grafik
ORF, Veech x Veech