FSB 10_1201 / 1202

FSB 10_1201 / 1202

With a tactile door handle design, Veech x Veech harnessed the manufacturer’s cutting-edge digital moulding and rapid prototyping to create a unique form.

The high-end door handle and accessory manufacturer Franz Schneider Brakel (FSB) invited Veech x Veech to design a prototype as part of its Duo Handles Series. Inspired by the modernist, streamlined designs of the 1930s, the design team created a free-flowing form that transforms this modernist energy into a contemporary context, utilising the advanced digital modelling and rapid prototyping available at FSB’s state-of-the-art production facility.

The design has a dual appearance: the front side has a straight, slender aluminium form, while on the other side, a 33-degree twist accentuates the aerodynamic shape, incorporating a unique tactile experience.

Veech x Veech worked with FSB’s technical team on the challenge of producing these two shapes and achieving the various metallic finishes and colours. The handle is now part of the FSB product range.



FSB - Franz Schneider Brakel
Brakel, Germany
Design Team:
Stuart A. Veech, Mascha Veech - Kosmatschof, Peter Mitterer, Matthias Moroder
©FSB, Markus Rössle