Villa K_Moscow

Villa K_Moscow

Contracted to design a luxurious single-family residence in the Jukowka district of Moscow, Veech x Veech conceived a spiral-shaped building stretching over four levels that links all the primary spaces into one continuous spatial experience.

The functional programmatic layout and formal structure of the building follows a centrifugal spiralling principle wrapped around a central open atrium, allowing light penetration into the building’s core. The design responds in a unique fashion to its setting surrounded by a tall, dense, wooded area, with the exterior envelope reflecting the structural pattern of a tree trunk.

Since the enclosed site does not offer any distant surrounding vistas, the design team focused on compensating for this disadvantage on multiple levels by providing a rich spectrum of atmospheric qualities and internal and vertical, external views framing the setting in relation to the sky.

The open-plan living area on the ground level incorporates both a representational and more intimate spaces, with cinematically elaborated, spectacular diagonal views across the entire building.

The generous indoor swimming pool and recreational areas in the semi-basement open onto a semi-enclosed, outside terrace. More intimate spaces are aligned along the spiralling path at the perimeter of the building in accordance with the path of the sun, leading to the cantilevered, fully-glazed master bedroom on the third level. Each level is shaped to create a variety of outside terraces with different functions and atmospheric qualities.


Private Commision
Moscow, Russia
Building Area:
1590sqm villa and 420sqm service building
Design Team:
Stuart Veech, Mascha Veech-Kosmatschof, Joao Passanha, Peter Mitterer, Thomas Milly, Martin Krcha
Bollinger Grohmann Schneider ZTGmbH (Engineering), Köstenbauer & Sixl GmbH (HVAC), Hans Lechner ZT GmbH (Project Management)
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