WKO Communication Studio


VXV designed a new media space for the WKÖ (Austrian Chamber of Commerce) located in their Vienna Headquarters to provide a flexible platform for internal and external communication and livestream media productions.

Photo ©Hertha Hurnaus



Prague TVNova News Studio Launched


The News & Information studio for TVNova based in Prague was launched on September 3, 2021. The 385sqm studio space integrates multiple program formats and facilitates a 360-degree camera choreographic approach providing dynamic perspectives.



DerStandard Interview with Veech x Veech

Veech x Veech interview in Ausrtian newspaper Der Standard  by architecture journalist Wojciech Czaja takes a look behind the scenes at Red Bull Media House´s ServusTV News Studio which launched in Feb. 2020 shortly before the global COVID-19 crisis.




Red Bull Media House ServusTV Studio


VXV unveiled the new Red Bull Media House ServusTV News Studio in Salzburg. A high-tech fully robotic landscape embracing technological precision and innovative camera choreography all synchronized to create a vibrant fluid media landscape with over 25 million embedded LED pixels.

Photo ©Hertha Hurnaus



Veech x Veech finalist for Promax Europe 2020 Award


VXV´s BTV News Studio is a finalist for the Promax Europe 2020 Set Design award to be announced on March 17, 2020 in Madrid, Spain



Veech x Veech Launches New Al Jazeera English Doha Studio



VXV is pleased to start off the New Year with the re-launch of  the Al Jazeera English News Studio Headquarters located in Doha. The new studio is the homebase for the daily news   & current affairs programs also connecting to VXV´s AJE London Shard Tower Studio ( and Network Studio – Doha ( projects for live reports.



Mascha Veech – Kosmatschof Talk at Breitwieser


Im Rahmen der Veranstaltung „k2. Kraft : werk : küchen : kult“, präsentiert von “Breitweiser” und “100 Häuser”, werden neben der Preisverleihung des Designwettbewerbes „Zeilen im Block/Küche.Indoor.Outdoor.“ auch die Sieger des letztjährigen Wettbewerbes zum Thema „Wannenraum“ vorgestellt.

Neben der Präsentation der ausgezeichneten Küchen-Entwürfe werden auch Prototypen der Wannenraum-Preisträger von 2018 vorgestellt. Im Anschluss an die Vorträge von Andràs Palffy (Jabornegg & Palffy Architects), Danijela Gojic (GS architects), Maria Planegger & Andreas Schmitzer (A01 architects) sowie Mascha Veech-Kosmantschof (Veech & Veech) wird bei Buffet und live Acts aus Wien und Frankreich die Möglichkeit für einen persönlichen Austausch geboten.

8. November 2019 ab 17:00 Uhr
Breitwieser GmbH
Hochäckerstraße 11
3430 Tulln an der Donau



Stuart Veech FH Voralberg Open Idea Talk on October 9, 2019


Stuart Veech was invited by Univ Lect. Markus Hanzer to give a talk about VXV as part of the OpenIdea series.

Form Follows Media

The main focus of the presentation will focus on analyzing the synergetic relationship between media and architecture at its impact on tomorrow´s world.

The starting point is to reflect upon the key modernists who embraced a cross-disciplinary approach that developed during the Russian Avantgarde, Futurism, Dada, and Bauhaus and exploded during the 1960s with the second wave of modernism spread globally. The fusion between multiple disciplines leads to a more universal design approach linking artists, poets, architects, designers, and technicians together to create far-reaching visions for the future.

Noted theorists and practitioners, such as Lissitzky/Melnikov/Rodchenko/Leonidov, Bucky Fuller, Charles Eames, and Archigram have laid the foundation for collaborative interaction which explored various forms of communication and challenging the cities of tomorrow. The rapid onslaught of technological developments since the introduction of the internet Information Age requires a more formidable interdisciplinary approach to re-structure and re-think future technologies in our built environment. The architecture of tomorrow will be a more fluid hybrid synthesis between analog/digital and real/virtual environments integrating mobility, media, and advanced material technologies all integrated by networked technologies blurring the boundaries that currently exist.

What will result will be new performative characteristics, such as Augmented Functionality; Choreographed Efficiency; and Engineered Experience which open up new possibilities to integrate, enhance and protect our global environment.

FH Voralberg link:



VXV launches new BTV News Studio in Sofia


bTV Main News Set


Stuart A. Veech (VXV CEO/Creative Director); Venelin Petkov, News, Current Affairs and Sports Director of bTV Media Group; Alan Zaruba (Creative Director of the TV Nova Group in the Czech Republic)

VXV is very proud to announce the launch of the 500sqm News and Current Affairs Studio in Sofia, Bulgaria.

360-degree camera studio view link:


Excerpt from bTV Media Group Press Release:

The new studio operates the biggest LED installation in Europe, across three multifunctional sets with 11 video walls with different dimensions, on a total area of 450 sqm. Seven of the video walls have 4K resolution, and one is touchscreen. The augmented reality technology, which bTV implemented first in Bulgarian media several years ago, was upgraded to offer even morefunctionalities. Other innovations include four new cameras, with unique to Bulgaria 4K sensors, and a crane. The studio also implements environmentally friendly LED lighting, using less electricity and demanding less air conditioning.

„I am excited that we are giving our viewers the best experience with bTVnews and current affairs shows, which are the backbone of our programming line-up. The studio was created to benefit our millions of viewers who have chosen bTV as their primary source of information. It is also the largest-scale technological project implemented in bTV ever since the start of the channel, and now the most professional TV journalists in Bulgaria have access to the means of expression that highlight their work even better“, commented Florian Skala, CEO of bTV Media Group.

„To us the new studio is the place where journalism, new technologies and cutting-edge design meet. In the last five years our newsdesk has been undergoing a process of integration of all programs and platforms. This also includes the visual identity and the functionalities of the new studio. It enables us to develop the topics holistically throughout the day – underlining the identity of the newsroom across all our shows, and still preserving the uniqueness of each of our journalists. After holding an international pitch where we invited the best design and architecture companies in the world, it’s a privilege for us that we managed to attract Veech xVeech, known for their revolutionary projects on the world market, in Bulgaria. The design they created for us is a significant step ahead for the TV industry all across Europe,”commented Venelin Petkov, News, Current Affairs and Sports Director of bTV Media Group.

(Photos courtesy of bTV)




Stuart A. Veech interview on bTV


bTV interviewed VXV Creative Director Stuart A. Veech to get a look behind the scenes during the design & production process.

link to the bTV video:





Falstaff Interview with Mascha Veech – Kosmatschof

Falstaff 04-2019 Falstaff 04-2019-2


Falstaff Living 4/2019

Interview with VXV Partner Architect Mascha Veech – Kosmatschof, MAK Director Christoph Thun-Hohenstein (, Tristan Horx ( about the future trends in architecture, design, art and technology and the influence on society.



Stuart A. Veech Lecture at Arch Moscow and Launch of Speech Issue

VXV_Speech-Talk01b VXV_Speech-Talk02 VXV_Speech-Talk03VXV_Speech-Talk04b

Anna Martovitskaya (Speech Magazine Chief Editor) invited Stuart A. Veech (VXV Creative Director) and photographer Iwan Baan to give a talk at the launch of the latest Speech “Media” issue presented in The Manege in central Moscow on May 15th 2019.

The event was hosted by the ArchMoscow exhibition and highlighted an inspiring evening (re)defining the impact of media & technology upon architecture and expanding the definition of “Media Architecture” in today´s context.

Speech link:

(Photos courtesy of Speech)




Veech / Speech Interview


The latest Speech Architectural Magazine Issue on “Media” is now available under this link:

Anna Martovitskaya (Speech Magazine Chief Editor) interviewed VXV Creative Director Stuart A. Veech in a 22-page interview on “Media Architecture” relevance our technology driven cultural context



Stuart Veech to talk at Arch Moscow on “Media Architecture”




Stuart Veech was invited by Speech Architectural Magazine to give a talk at the Arch Moscow 2019 exhibition at the Manege Central Exhibition Hall in central Moscow and afterwards a discussion with Anna Martovitskaya (Speech Magazine Chief Editor) and photographer Iwan Baan. There will be also a new Speech magazine issue presented including a 22-page interview with Stuart on his views on “Media Architecture”




VXV Launches ORF1 News Studio



VXV has launched its latest project for the re-launch of ORF1 News Studio located in Vienna. The new studio is the homebase for the daily ZIB18:00/20:00/Flash/Nacht programs, as well as, the Magazin1 and Talk1 programs.

VXV designed the original futuristic studio that was on-air from 2013-2019 (




ORF1 News Studio



ORF is launching on April 8th the VXV-designed new ORF1 News Studio as part of a comprehensive re-positioning of the channel identity. The iconic horizontally articulated design emphasizes the linear content flow dispersed over 7 high resolution LED surfaces choreographed in fluid camera movements throughout the eight daily programs.  Stay tuned…..



VXV Featured in Herzblut


VXV has been showcased with an article by Wojciech Czaja in the “Herzblut” publication for Architektur in Progress. Link:



VXV Medi1 Studios Launch in Rabat & Tangier


Medi1TV has launched the new VXV designed news studios in Rabat and Tangier, Morocco.  Veech x Veech was commissioned to re-design the two major studios located in Rabat & Tangier over the course of 18 months. The design team utilized their unique expertize by incorporating workspaces into the broadcast studio design environment to create a more fluid workflow setup.



Veech x Veech in Baunetz

Das ORF-Zentrum am Küniglberg in Wien ist der Hauptsitz des österreichischen Rundfunks. Es wurde 1968 bis 1976 nach Plänen des Architekten Roland Rainer überwiegend aus Betonfertigteilen errichtet und gilt unter Architekturhistorikern als Paradebau der Nachkriegsmoderne. Seit 2014 wird der in weiten Teilen unter Denkmalschutz stehende Gebäudekomplex zu einem zeitgemäßen Medienstandort umgebaut. Bei Fertigstellung sollen darin alle Sendeeinrichtungen der Stadt zusammengeführt werden. Bereits in der Zukunft angekommen ist der ehemalige Konferenzraum des ORF-Vorstandes, den das Wiener Architekturbüro Veech X Veech in einen modernen Konferenz- und Mediensaal mit 270°-Blick über die Stadt umwandelte.

Article link:–und-medienraum-im-orf-zentrum-in-wien-5473279





“Das Power Couple” – Veech x Veech Interview in H.O.M.E.


Veech x Veech up close and personal in the March 2018 issue of H.O.M.E magazine elaborating on why Vienna plays an important role in their life, work, and future.





Veech x Veech Portrait in Kurier

Sabine Karrer takes a look behind the scenes at Veech x Veech to discuss the synergy between architecture, media, design, and technology in the architecture section of ImmoKurier from Sat. March 17th, 2018.





Veech x Veech Interview in DMIA – Design Made in Austria

Veech-x-Veech_DMIA-Interview Image

As part of the Diagonale 2018 Film Festival in Graz, Veech x Veech is interviewed by Jakob Tripolt discussing the background story behind the Franz Grabner Preis and their close friendship with Franz prior to his untimely passing in 2015.

Please use this link:





Veech x Veech Wins German Design Award 2018


Veech-X-Veech-GDA_2018_WINNER (Photo: Hufton + Crow)

Veech x Veech received the German Design Award 2018 in the category Excellent Communications Design/Architecture for “Al Jazeera Network Building – Doha”

VXV’s new landmark structure annexed to Al Jazeera’s pre-existing headquarters provides a platform for interactive news programs for both English and Arabic channels to be directly linked to the London Shard Tower studio. Situated at the core of the new building, the 400 m2 studio features a 360° panoramic hybrid space providing a compelling new vision for how architecture, studio design, broadcast media and digital technologies can make production and distribution faster, responsive and more efficient.

Jury statement

The dynamic roundness and clear design aesthetic of this congenially transparent, open and light-looking building are carried over to the interior and are reflected here by both the interior structure and the design of the furnishings.


The German Design Award sets the highest standards when it comes to selecting the prize-winners: in the nomination process, panels of experts from the German Design Council invite only those products and communication design services to participate in the competition that demonstrably set themselves apart from their competitors thanks to their design quality.

All awards are determined during a two-day jury session.

Since its premiere in 2012, the German Design Award has grown rapidly: At the time, approximately 1,500 entries were presented to the jury. This year there were more than 5,000 entries, 49% of them in the area Excellent Product Design and 51% in the area Excellent Communications Design.

Thank you to the excellent project partners (Arup, Borgos Pieper, QDC, Northcroft) and the Al Jazeera team led by Ramzan Al-Naimi.




VXV Invited to Daimler Mercedes G Design Competition

VXV participated in an invited competition by Daimler to design a multi-functional 1600sqm “G-Class Mercedes Benz Customer Experience Center”  located at the Graz airport.




Veech x Veech Up Close


ORF Kultur Montag program presents a rare behind the scenes view into our architecture / art / media design roots. Also highlights both artists Vadim Kosmatschof ( and Elena Koneff ( )

Special thanks to Katharina Huemer for capturing the human side of our work!




VXV ORF Conference Center BauNetz feature


BauNetz features VXV´s futuristic 600sqm ORF Media and Conference Center located in Vienna, Austria Link:



Veech x Veech Exhibits at Design District 1010 in Hofburg Palace

Veech x Veech_Dining Table

Veech x Veech is exhibiting their “Infinite Pieces” furniture series and custom Corian dining table. Come and see us in the Architects Lounge at the Design District 1010 show ( in the historic Hofburg Palace from October 5 -8th, 2017. Visit our website to learn more:




Veech x Veech Portrait in “Morgen”


Thomas Trenkler interviews Veech x Veech and Vadim Kosmatschof about the artistic origins, motivation, and future project collaborations.

Please use the link:



VXV Invited to BTV Competition in Sofia

VXV was invited to a limited competition for a studio design concept for the new BTV News and Program Studio located in Sofia, Bulgaria. BTV is the first private national-wide broadcasting television channel in Bulgaria. It is operated by BTV Media Group, part of Central European Media Enterprises (through WarnerMedia/AT&T(75%)), and is reportedly the Bulgarian television channel with the largest viewing audience



Veech X Veech Nominated for German Design Award 2018



Veech X Veech is proud to be nominated for the German Design Award 2018 for the Al Jazeera Network Studio!

VXV’s new landmark structure annexed to Al Jazeera’s pre-existing headquarters provides a platform for interactive news programs for both English & Arabic channels directly linked to the London Shard Tower studio.

Situated at the core of the new building, the 400m² studio features a 360º panoramaic hybrid space providing a compelling new vision for how architecture, studio design,broadcast media and digital technologies can make production and distribution faster, responsive and more efficient.




We are very pleased to announce that our Al Jazeera Network Studio Building in Doha is featured in Designboom online:



Veech X Veech Wins Set of the Year Award


VXV Wins Set of the Year Award – Veech x Veech

April 26, 2017 Las Vegas, USA

VXV´s Al Jazeera Media Network Studio was awarded Best TV Set of the Year by NewscastStudio; the international trade publication for television creative professionals.

Stuart A. Veech, Creative Director at Veech X Veech, states: “It is a great honor to receive the prestigious NewscastStudio award for one of the most challenging projects in our company history; creating both the bespoke architectural building as well as the broadcast media studio, and working with Al Jazeera, to develop a new architectural visual branding for Doha and London locations.”

Ramzan Alnoimi, Director of Network Creative, thanked those who contributed to the design and execution of Studio 14, which was implemented within the framework of developing the comprehensive visual brand of the network. “This win is the fruit of collective effort exerted by the news and programs departments, and Technology and Projects divisions; in addition to a large number of colleagues who worked day and night before the project was completed and equipped with the latest technical technologies in the TV industry,” said Alnoimi.

NewscastStudio was founded in 2003 as SetStudio and became NewscastStudio in 2008 when coverage expanded to include motion graphics, lighting, music and more.

NewscastStudio’s Set of the Year competition was launched in 2009. It honors the very best in scenic design for television news, sports and entertainment programming, along with lighting design and augmented reality.




Veech X Veech Wallpaper* May 2017 Issue


VXV is presented in the Wallpaper* May 2017 issue with an article on their art studio located in the hills outside of Vienna. Interviewed by Jonathan Bell, Wallpaper* architecture editor, the text provides an insight into the story behind the designing the site specific atelier and sculpture garden for Vadim Kosmatschof and Elena Koneff over a 10-year period. link:




Mascha Veech – Kosmatschof @Princeton

Princeton_Zaha Pedagogy as Pratice Symposium

Mascha Veech-Kosmatschof was invited by Princeton University to participant in a symposium entitled “Zaha Hadid – Pedagogy as Practice.” Princeton University School of Architecture will host a conference to commemorate the one-year anniversary of Zaha Hadid’s passing. The conference will focus on her pedagogy as an integral part of her practice, tracing its evolution from her formative years at the Architectural Association, London to her years at Harvard, Columbia, Yale and the University of Applied Arts, Vienna.

Zaha Hadid: Pedagogy as Practice is organised jointly by Monica Ponce de Leon and Tina di Carlo with WDA at Princeton, including Emma Benintende, Kate Chiu, Leen Katrib and Laura Salazar. Participants include:

Nicholas Boyarsky, Nigel Coates, Markus Dochantschi, Kar Hwa Ho, Mariana Ibanez, Charles Jencks, Greg Lynn, Brian Ma Siy, Wolf Prix, Hannes Schafelner, Patrik Schumacher, Mascha Veech – Kosmatschof, Madelon Vriesendorp, Alex Wall, Mark Wigley, Michael Wolfson



VXV Designs Franz Grabner Award


VXV is pleased to present their special design award to highlight the inaugural Franz Grabner Award ceremony which took place today at the Diagonale Film Festival in Graz, Austria. The award was established to commemorate his career collaboration with and supporting the documentary film industry. Franz was a not only a close friend but a special collaborator with VXV on projects, such as, die Box, kreuz und quer, K4 – Künstlerhaus, etc. spanning over 20 years. We greatly appreciate the efforts made by the Diagonale, AAFP, Film Austria and ORF for providing the foundation for this initiative. Philip Veech created the visual communication design package, event poster, and 3d award design.






VXV New Conference Table Production



VXV´s design for a 42-person conference table is currently under construction and a preview of the steel construction frame provides a glimpse behind the scenes….stay tuned



VXV Awarded Medi1 Project in Rabat & Tangier

VXV has been selected to design the new broadcast studios for Medi1TV in Rabat and Tangier, Morocco.



Veech x Veech finalist for Promax Europe 2017 Award

VXV has been shortlisted for the PROMAX-BDA Award 2017 in Amsterdam with two projects for Al Jazeera following up being a finalist also in 2016 with the ORF Sports Studio.



VXV Invited to SRF Competition

VXV has been invited to present a comprehensive design proposal for the new “SRF News and Sport Complex” in Zürich, Switzerland.



News Grid Interactive News Program is Launched

AJE News Grid Opener

Have a look at AJE NewsGrid: Al Jazeera’s first interactive news hour being broadcasted from the new Network Studio Building in Doha.

YouTube link: Al Jazeera News Grid




VXV Launches Doha Projects

Veech-x-Veech-Al-Jazeera-Newsroom-Doha_openerIn recognition of their 20th Anniversary, Al Jazeera Media Network launched two near VXV designed projects located at their Doha HQ. The first is a 1100sqm multifunctional Newsroom and Studio for their flagship AJA channel, as well as, a new cutting edge architectural design and studio design for the Network Studio to be used by both the AJA & AJE channels.





Al Jazeera Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Al Jazeera Media Network in Doha, Qatar celebrated their 20th Anniversary with a large scale event attended Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani and the Father Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani with former first lady Sheika Moza bint Nasser, as well as the Prime Minister and other dignitaries. Al Jazeera first went on air on Nov. 1, 1996 in the form of an Arabic television channel. The English-language 24-hours news station Al Jazeera English followed in Nov. 2006. VXV has worked with Al Jazeera since 2010 developing a new architectural and design language highlighted by the launching of their new London HQ located in the landmark Shard Tower.

YouTube Link:



VXV Invited to RBB Newsroom Pitch

VXV was invited by RBB – Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg to present a new design vision for their Newsroom located in Berlin and are awaiting a final decision.



VXV to Design ORF Paris Studio

VXV has been invited to design ORF´s UEFA Euro 2016 Studio – Paris from June 10 – July 10, 2017 The design continues the new design strategy implemented in the main sports studio which launched in 2014. (see




Veech x Veech “Die Inszenierung des Raums” talk – Salzburg

Stuart A. Veech will give a talk entitled “Die Inszenierung des Raums – Synergy between Media and Architecture” on May 10th, 2016 at 18:30 in the Panzerhalle – Salzburg

Address: Siezenheimerstraße 39a-d, 5020 Salzburg –




VXV to Design New Conference Facility


3d Printed Design Study Models

ORF has approved a VXV design for their new Board of Directors conference facilities in their Vienna HQ.The 500sqm layout includes two multimedia lounge areas and a meeting room highlighted by a custom oval-shaped table for their 42-person management team. Completion is expected to be in Fall 2017. Stay tuned



Veech x Veech finalist for Promax Europe 2016 Award

ORF Champions League Studio is a finalist for the PROMAX 2016 Award Set Design to be announced on March 15, 2016 in Barcelona Link to Promax Europe Awards



ORF News Magazine Studio Launch

Veech x Veech has designed a new multifunctional architecture for a series of five news magazine television formats for ORF which will be aired starting on Jan. 7th, 2016.

Each of the program formats (“heute konkret”,“thema”, “REPORT”, “WELTJournal / WELTJournal +” and “ECO”) manifests its own highly specific character, embodied in and supported by the different spatial perspectives produced by combinations of the three modules in conjunction with individualized colour palettes, CI elements, light choreographies and animated graphics.

Stuart A. Veech, Creative Director of Veech x Veech, explains: “The challenge was to create modular frames that could be easily re-positioned, enabling the transformation of the spatial configurations with a minimal set of moves and maximizing dynamic camera compositions whilst reducing the time required to set up the individual studio situations.”


Veech x Veech Designs New ORF Champions League Sports Studio

ORF Sports Studio
Veech x Veech has designed a new flagship sports studio that sets a new benchmark in responding to the challenges of high-definition broadcasting, pushing the boundaries of the seamless integration of media technology into a physical studio environment to create a high-resolution, luminous space.

The new studio will start live on September 15, 2015



Veech x Veech designs for Stiegl a new high-end outdoor 3d branding signage system beginning in October 2015



Veech x Veech at London Design Festival

Stuart A. Veech – Creative Director @VXV & Patrick Bedeau – Al Jazeera Media Network Creative Director will give a tour of the AJMN Broadcast Facility in the Shard Tower on Saturday September 19th, 2015. The design of the new Al Jazeera Media Network broadcast office and studio facility is a successful collaboration between and Veech X Veech, as designers of the broadcast news studio and adjacent newsroom work environment and John McAslan + Partners, as interior designers of the office.
The new studio has set a benchmark for global TV design, a test-bed pushing the limits of what is possible. Locating all departments and services on a single floor has enabled the design teams to develop innovative uses of space and create a more efficient and pleasant working environment, like nothing else in the TV news industry.




Enzyklopädie der Medien Band 1 – Prof. Peter Weibel

Peter Weibel Enclyclopedia
Veech X Veech is featured in the publication “Architecture and Information – The Newsrooms from Veech x Veech” from the Enzyklopädie der Medien Band 1 by Professor Peter Weibel – Director at the ZKM – Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe with Hajte Cantz Publishers
Link to ZKM:


Veech x Veech showcased at the MAMM – Multimedia Art Musuem Moscow

The poetic multimedia installation „Migrating Cities“ of Veech x Veech is being on show at the Multimedia Art Museum in Moscow as an essential part of the exhibition „ ANTARCTICA. History. Antarctopia“. The exhibition will run from 24 July till 6 September 2015 and brings together leading international architects and artists to explore present and future models of living with Antarctica.



Veech x Veech Shortlisted for WIF Award in Singapore

Veech x Veech´s Al Jazeera Media Network Broadcast Studio located in the London Shard Tower was recently shortlisted by World Festival of Interiors for INSIDE Festival Award in the category: Creative Re-use.
The award ceremony will take place on November 5th in Singapore. Stay tuned.



Veech x Veech designs a new outdoor signage branding for the Austrian Lottery starting in September 2015



Veech x Veech wins Silver at the International Design Award – USA

The design of the new Al Jazeera Media Network broadcast office and studio facility is a successful collaboration between and Veech X Veech, as designers of the broadcast news studio and adjacent newsroom work environment and John McAslan + Partners, as interior designers of the office. The new studio has set a benchmark for global TV design, a test-bed pushing the limits of what is possible.

Locating all departments and services on a single floor has enabled the design teams to develop innovative uses of space and create a more efficient and pleasant working environment, like nothing else in the TV news industry.



Veech x Veech designs the OPEC 6th International Seminar

Veech x Veech designs the OPEC 6th International Seminar in Vienna on 3−4 June 2015

The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) will host its 6th International Seminar at the Hofburg Palace in Vienna, Austria, on 3−4 June 2015. The theme of the event is “Petroleum — An Engine for Global Development”.

“The Seminar will examine a range of important energy issues with presentations by Ministers, oil company executives, representatives from international organizations, academic experts and industry analysts. Topics will include the global energy outlook, market stability, oil investments, technology and the environment, and the state of the world economy.

The 6th OPEC International Seminar will underpin OPEC’s longstanding commitment to strive for a secure and stable international oil market by promoting cooperation and dialogue with stakeholders around the world. OPEC has held numerous Seminars since 1969, covering various topical themes. But its first high-level International Seminar was held in 2001. Since then, the event has grown in size and prominence to become one of the premier gatherings on the world energy calendar”.

photo ©OPEC




Veech x Veech re-designs ServusTV Newsroom

Veech x Veech transformed its previous design into a multifunctional, sophisticated 270-degree studio combining peerless aesthetics, functionality and technological advancement with the flexibility to incorporate and project the visual identities of two distinctive news formats: Servus Journal and Krone daily programs.


Veech x Veech shortlisted BCO Award for Al Jazeera London Headquarters

Veech x Veech, together with John McAslan + Partners, has been shortlisted for the British Council of Offices Awards 2015 for the Al Jazeera London Headquarters in the Shard Tower. The award ceremony will take place on April 28, 2015 in London.

Al Jazeera Media Network (AJMN) has unveiled its new UK headquarters and broadcast studio in the iconic Shard skyscraper in London. The scheme has created a pre-eminent broadcast production facility, incorporating innovative workspaces and offices with a multi-purpose newsroom and revolutionary studio, which breaks the mould of the ‘black box’ studio and re-imagines how broadcast facilities are designed. Experts in their respective fields, Al Jazeera appointed John McAslan + Partners to design the reception and office area and Veech x Veech Architects to design the broadcast studio and adjacent newsroom. The Al Jazeera Media Network’s Creative Division were vital to this collaboration, providing the brief for the scheme and being a collaborative partner throughout the design and construction process.
Housed in Europe’s tallest building, this new facility, creating major news and current affairs content across the global Al Jazeera network, reinforces AJMN’s position as a leading news organisation in the UK and European marketplace. The UK office now provides a vital communications role for AJMN, becoming the European hub linking the time overlap between the headquarters in Doha and the studios in the USA.

Patrick Bedeau, Al Jazeera Global Art Director, comments: “This exciting project challenges the way news is made and required the design team to adopt a radical approach, integrating the broadcast studio into the office space within an open-plan setting. The result is the most technologically advanced global production facility anywhere in the world.”





Veech designs Al Jazeera´s new broadcast studio in the London Shard Tower


photo: Hufton + Crow

Veech x Veech has completed world’s most advanced broadcast studio and newsroom for Al Jazeera Media Network in its new UK headquarters in the iconic Shard Tower in London.

Veech x Veech were able to turn the biggest design challenge on this project into an asset. Most studios require a minimum ceiling height of 4.5m but at the Shard they were limited to just 2.8m. The problematic low ceilings were transformed into a feature of the on-air appearance, working within and around a complex network of structural beams to create a totally different kind of space that will define the studio’s on-air identity. In a world first for 24/7-news programming, automated lighting has been integrated into the ceiling and sits amongst acoustic panels to create dramatic curved lines that mirror the shape of the news desk below.

By adopting some of the most sophisticated techniques in lighting design and engineering, these fixed units are capable of handling any camera angle or illumination level. Specialist filters have been incorporated into the glass façade and cameras to manage the light exposure from the outside world, further demonstrating the high level of design and performance of the studio that separates it from the normal ‘black box’ approach.

Creating such media hubs is highly specialised and requires precision design, using the camera as an additional tool as part of the process – the perspective of the studio appears differently on screen as opposed to the real-life experience. Digital 3D modeling and 1:1 mockups were used extensively to test and accentuate the perspective composition of the news desk and set design to create a dynamic on-air look, framing the panoramic London skyline.

Architects Veech x Veech have applied their comprehensive experience in this specific area of design to create a single space that can interact simultaneously with the lighting, the view out to the capital and the digital presentation screens. Veech x Veech was also appointed to create the adjacent newsroom to the studio so there would be a direct stylistic link between the two spaces. A bespoke curved desk echoes the newsdesk and contributes to the strong brand identity as the newsroom is also used as a backdrop to the filming in the studio.

Veech x Veech collaborated with project partners MCI – Studio Hamburg & MO2, who provided excellent support towards the state-of-the-art execution of the project. MCI – Studio Hamburg acted as general contractor and was responsible for technical planning as well as set construction. MO2 created the cutting-edge lighting technology.




Veech x Veech talk at Zumtobel Lichtforum


Veech x Veech has been invited by Zumtobel to present recent projects with a focus on lighting innovation as part of the „Pecha Kucha Night“ at the Zumtobel Lichtforum in Vienna on December 9th.



Veech x Veech invited to ZKM Globale competition

Veech x Veech has been invited to submit an exhibition design concept for the “Globale – The New Art Event in the Digital Age” at the ZKM Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe – Germany
Link to ZKM:


FSB 1201 / 1202 by Veech exhibited at the Architecture Biennale in Venice

FSB invited Veech x Veech to exhibit their 1201/1202 door handle design as part of the FSB installation commissioned for the Architecture Biennale 2014 curated by Rem Koolhaas. More than 300 representative door handles over three hundred years of architectural history were installed in the event’s Hall of Doors.
Link to FSB Biennale site:

Photo: Markus Rössle



“Migrating Cities” during Venice Biennale

timeline-02antarctic-pavilion-venice-architecture-biennale-igor boury

Antarctic Pavilion: Antarctopia
7 June–23 November, 2014
Fondaco Marcello, Grand Canal, Venice

The Antarctic Pavilion brings together leading international architects and artists to explore present and future models of living with Antarctica. The Pavilion’s status as a ‘[trans]National Pavilion’ also constitutes a polemical engagement with the Biennale’s nationally over-determined structure: a quasi-institutional claim to represent a transnational sphere, out of line with the festival’s politics of territorial representation. More importantly, it points to Antarctica as a Giardini of sorts, in which the sovereignty-obsessed cultural ambitions relevant two centuries ago still seem to hold sway – for the worse.

Analogous to birds and other migratory species, the hovering “buildings” move freely across the continent adjusting to the continuously expanding and contracting ice formations and terrain conditions creating new temporary agglomerative cluster communities to escape the hostile environment and desolate isolation.

Fondaco Marecello,
San Marco 3415 (Calle dei Garzoni), 30124

A catalogue entitled Antarctopia will be published by Oceanic Fund Projects & Papergraf to coincide with this exhibition.




Casinos Austria and Austrian Lotteries Headquarters nominated for German Lighting Design award 2014

Veech x Veech have completed a comprehensive internal and external redesign of the main entrance of the Casinos Austria & Austrian Lotteries Headquarters and also converting the foyer of the in-house venue STUDIO 44 into a multifunctional event space, the STUDIO 44 LOFT. The design focus creates a strong architectural identity for public assessable entrance areas, in respect to the complex functional and technical premises.

Such as, high security, energy efficiency and social responsibility, within given constraints of the existing building. The main foyer was completely restructured providing space for a visitor lounge, the entrance façade retrofitted with frameless 6,60m high extra clear glass elements achieving the design objective of reaching the maximum level of transparency and lightness.

The 400m² refurbishment of the STUDIO 44 LOFT space central focus is the synchronicity of customized visual and lighting material surfaces. Creating unique individual ambient atmospheres enhances the multifaceted requirements of daily corporate, cultural and social events.

In recognition of VMA´s innovative custom design solution integrating advanced lighting technologies within an original architectural footprint the project has been nominated for the prestigious German Lighting Design Award 2014.