Multi Channel Broadcast Facility

Multi Channel Broadcast Facility

Veech X Veech were commissioned to design a new media headquarters transforming an existent industrial warehouse into a pioneering media-network building.

VXV were initially approached by the client for a strategic feasibility study to examine the economic viability of the architectural conversion. The ambitious cross-media workflow, innovative media environment for both workspace and on-air areas embraces the flexibility of rapidly changing media industry.This project highlights VXV´s broad expertise mediating between both architectural and broadcast media environments to create cutting-edge solutions.


Real – Virtual Hybrid Environment 

Converting an existing industrial warehouse into a 21st-century media building posed a significant challenge to the design team. The solution was to central atrium providing a shared vertical public space by merging the augmented broadcast, office, conference, and atrium areas into one continuous fluid landscape while stacking all of the media technology spaces are stacked vertically to increase efficiency and interconnectivity.

The result is a multi-use plug and play media landscape providing a diverse mix of semi-closed studios and open space areas for enabling a multitude of new program formats. 400 permanent and a multitude of flexible shared workplaces dispersed over four levels provide the necessary functional and logistic synergies in the production workflow.

After the initial feasibility study, VXV was contracted to develop a comprehensive architectural package for shell & core, interior design, and broadcast studio design.




Planning Phase:
2015 - 2017
Design Team:
Stuart A. Veech, Mascha Veech-Kosmatschof, Gil Greis, Thomas Milly, Maria Nardelli, Mihai Potra, Bernhard Trummer