Studio X2732

Studio X2732

Introducing Studio X2732: The new studio space for Veech x Veech is strategically located in the scenic Hohen Wand Alpine region, just outside Vienna. This remote location fosters an atmosphere conducive to creative reflection and artistic experimentation. This multifaceted facility represents a significant advancement for Veech x Veech, enhancing capabilities in advanced digital design, broadcast media technologies, and material prototyping, with open access to clients, partners, and collaborators.

Studio X2732 is designed for maximum efficiency and functionality, reflecting Veech x Veech’s commitment to professional excellence. Utilizing an insulated prefab concrete construction system, the studio was completed within a remarkable 10-month timeline, minimizing delays.

A 30kW photovoltaic roof installation provides a sustainable and economically feasible power source for the foreseeable future.

The expansive glass north-facing façade offers panoramic views of the picturesque Hohen Wand landscape and floods the interior with natural light, creating an inspiring environment for artistic endeavors.

Inside the minimalist concrete exterior is a carefully curated space that seamlessly integrates workshop, studio, and exhibition areas across two levels. The ground floor features a sculpture and material prototyping workshop, along with a 270sqm exhibition space, while the upper level includes two studio areas with direct visual links to the lower spaces. Strategic placement of recessed skylights and motorized sun shading screens allows for precise control over daylight conditions, optimizing productivity and comfort.

Studio X2732 is more than just a workspace—it is the epicenter of artistic exploration and collaboration with international partners. Its flexible design accommodates art exhibitions, client workshops, art production, and a dynamic creative lab, fostering a vibrant exchange of ideas and innovation. From conceptualization to execution, every aspect of Studio X2732 is tailored to empower Veech x Veech and its collaborators to push the boundaries of creativity, seamlessly merging digital and analog worlds.

Studio X2732 sets the stage for Veech x Veech to lead in pioneering new forms of artistic expression and creative collaboration across multiple platforms.




Veech x Veech Studio X2732:
Hoeflein an der Hohen Wand, 2732 - Austria
Design Team:
Stuart A. Veech, Mascha Veech-Kosmatschof, Ange Weppernig, Patricia Tibu, Thomas Milly, David Pasek, Nick Veech
Vadim Kosmatschof, Elena Koneff, Stuart A. Veech
©Veech x Veech