ORF News Magazine Studio

ORF News Magazine Studio

The multifunctional studio designed by Veech x Veech for the design relaunch of Austrian broadcaster ORF’s News Magazine formats transforms, chameleonlike, into five distinctive identities.

The ORF News Magazine Studio concept creates a maximum output through total reduction: By means of three flexibly combinable architectural modules, the studio can assume five different broadcast identities.

This design solution represents a radical shift from conventonal studio designs with perimeter walls defining the spatial interior. The modules define the spatial composition yet allow a flexibility in the camera choreography.

Each of the program formats (“heute konkret”,“thema”, “REPORT”, “WELTJournal / WELTJournal +” and “ECO”) manifests its own highly specific character, embodied in and supported by the different spatial perspectives produced by combinations of the three modules in conjunction with individualized colour palettes, CI elements, light choreographies and animated graphics.

Stuart A. Veech, Creative Director of Veech x Veech, explains: “The challenge was to create modular frames that could be easily re-positioned, enabling the transformation of the spatial configurations with a minimal set of moves and maximizing dynamic camera compositions whilst reducing the time required to set up the individual studio situations.”



Client :
ORF - Austrian Broadcasting Corporation
Vienna, Austria
Completed 01/2016
Project Team:
Stuart A. Veech, Mascha Veech-Kosmatschof, Thomas Milly, Bernhard Trummer, Mihai Potra
©ORF, Fabio Eppensteiner