RTL News Studio

RTL News Studio

Veech x Veech presents an innovative news studio for RTL
Cross-media and freely configurable – the communication space of the future

Vienna, 01 September 2022 – International architecture and design studio Veech x Veech has created a groundbreaking studio for RTL in the form of a programmable, robotically controlled architectural interface. From September 2022, the news family “RTL aktuell” and “RTL Nachtjournal” together with the magazine programmes “Punkt 6/7/8” and “Punkt 12” will be produced within a single studio using a dynamically configurable 360° architecture. The result of two years of development by Vienna-based Veech x Veech Architects is a cutting-edge performative system that redefines the broadcast communication space of the future.


Advanced technologies synchronise media with space 

RTL provides its anchors with a physical 445 square metres space that can be variably transformed by using high-precision robotically controlled LED modules re-configuring throughout the 18-hour programme schedule. Four individually suspended LED screens effortlessly glide along a ceiling-mounted rail system allowing precision movements and rotations to create different spatial formats, including a seamless panoramic 12-metre width. Robotically controlled cameras support the 24/7 multimedia environment, which can readily transform between the programmes throughout the daily broadcast cycle. The dynamic system supports a variety of pre-defined format-specific spatial compositions while ensuring the flexibility to create new settings reacting to the content presentation requirements whilst retaining their distinctive brand identities and RTL’s overall corporate branding. A vital component of the new design is a bespoke family of modular furniture pieces which enhance the overall flexibility in presentation.

Identity-forming and transformative: The brand in focus

The project reaffirms the significance of Veech x Veech’s collaborative and holistic design approach grounded upon an intensive dialogue with the client’s editorial, production and technical teams as an essential condition to inform a sustainable design strategy and achieve innovative results. By commissioning Veech x Veech, RTL redefined the visual appearance of its core news programmes and magazine programmes by introducing new cutting-edge technologies in a shift to a real studio environment. In doing so, RTL is sending a strong signal, positioning itself as the most powerful journalistic unit for cross-media news, investigative and independent journalism and documentaries in Germany.

Stephan Schmitter, Managing Director of “RTL NEWS”, explains the reasons for commissioning the renowned Viennese architecture and design studio: “From Vienna to London to Doha – Veech x Veech are the world’s leading architecture firm for studio design and the experts when it comes to designing real environments. They have done pioneering work with our new studio. It’s the most innovative and modern studio, and it will take our news formats to an entirely new level in terms of visual and content presentation.”

Placing people at the centre

“Over the last few decades, our work has been focused upon designing real environments for an increasingly virtual world underpinned by our principles which can be described as a combination of engineered experience, choreographed efficiency and augmented functionality,” says Stuart Veech, founding partner and creative director of Veech x Veech, explaining the firm’s expertise. “It’s fundamental that we broaden the client’s perspective in the content presentation by developing a dynamic, performative media environment with increased efficiency and enhanced digital augmentation. The main strength of this concept is a new architectural brand identity which is responsive and adaptable to support a seamless presentation of multiple programmes and acts as a catalyst for new innovative cross-platform formats yet to be developed.”

“As architects working for over two decades in the fastest developing communication industry, fusing media and architecture in analogue/digital and real/virtual environments and buildings, we work closely with our clients to develop holistic design solutions that question, challenge, and engage the client as an active participant in the creative evolutionary process.” Mascha Veech, founding partner and principal architect of Veech x Veech, describes the transformation that we are experiencing today. “Rapidly accelerating digital communication is massively driving our global society creating an enormous momentum that offers a major opportunity for every organisation, industry, business, and ultimately each of us, but also challenges that go far beyond technology to achieve our goal for a better tomorrow. We as architects and designers should focus primarily on the human factor whilst developing tomorrow’s more real/virtual environments.

The technical implementation 

The central element of the modular, transformable concept are four high-resolution, 3 x 1.7 m LED walls with a pixel pitch of 1.2 mm, which are arranged and rearranged in the room with pinpoint accuracy using a customized robotic automation system. The screens can be instantly configured to create varying spatial compositions but also aligned in a continuous, seamless 12 m surface. The perimeter walls of the studio are backlit low-resolution ambient surfaces of 7.8 mm pixel pitch to compliment the higher resolution content walls in the centre. A curved 10 x 2.7 m 1.5 mm pixel pitch LED wall provides an elegant large format surface area also suited to augmented reality presentation. Two additional mobile robotic vertical modules further enhance the content presentation and minimalist setting. A ground-level Technodolly crane and an elevated rail-mounted perimeter camera add a more dynamic and flexible camera choreography essential to support a 360-degree studio architecture. Responding to the diverse programme requirements, Veech x Veech developed a sleek bespoke furniture series to further articulate individual content presentations. The resulting design family consists of eight modular desks and tables made from a sustainable, mineral organic composite material ideally suited to 3D forming using advanced digital design software. The iconic pieces can be combined to create new spatial compositions to support future programme extensions.





RTL News
Cologne, Germany
Design Team:
Stuart A. Veech, Mascha Veech - Kosmatschof, Thomas Milly
©Annika Feuss