Swarovski Ambient Gem

Swarovski Ambient Gem

The award-winning Swarovski Ambient Gem temporary pavilion designed to launch their new gemstone brand took its inspiration from the faceted gemstone structure and used light, sound and colour to create an illuminated, vibrating "brand space" that set new standards for the term.

No strangers to commissioning event architecture, Swarovski needed a cutting-edge design that would make waves when launching its Enlightened Swarovski Elements gemstone brand at the world’s leading watch and jewellery show Baselworld. Completed in a very tight time frame of only two months, Veech x Veech designed and produced a 480sqm pavilion that translated the office’s fascination for gemstones into a three-dimensional, magical experience.

Located within an existing structure of no architectural merit, the design team responded by concealing the outer construction and arriving at a design inspired by the faceted structure of cut jewels. Veech x Veech designed a pneumatic membrane to create a back-lit faceted interior, and teamed this with a specially created soundscape and ambient lighting that moved through a repeating cycle of colours throughout the day to create different atmospheres.

The widely respected British graphic designer Neville Brody was invited by Veech x Veech to create a series of animated graphics to highlight key elements of the new brand.




Concept Model




Pattern Diagram


D. Swarovski & Co. / Enlightened Swarovski TM
Basel, Switzerland
Design Team:
Stuart A. Veech, Mascha Veech-Kosmatschof, Peter Mitterer, Gregor Stolz, Martin Krcha
Research Studio - London; Werkraum Wien Ingenieure
Eva Tietze
Christoph Tilley