Global Tools Künstlerhaus

Global Tools Künstlerhaus

In response to an invitation to create an installation for the Künstlerhaus Global Tools exhibition, this innovative presentation created a new way for the audience to interact with objects and each other.

A numbers of artists, designers and architects were invited to contribute to the exhibition curated by Vitus Weh and Tulga Beyerle. Each of them was given a topic to interpret and a number of objects to display. For Veech x Veech’s installation on the theme of “insights” into the future of medicine, science and technology, the design team created a biomorphous walk-in installation within two connected exhibition spaces defined by a suspended back-lit membrane.

The structure was connected to the physical building by a series of cables on electric motors, which activated the surface, making the backlit membrane envelope appear as a living, breathing organism. The exhibited objects, which ranged from a prototype bed by Philips, which projected moving images onto the ceiling to encourage daydreaming, to a pill that acted as an internal medical camera when swallowed, were displayed in inflatable spheres integrated into the outer skin.

The skin also acted as a projection surface for topic-related documentary films. The transparent structure played with the idea of insights, translucency and access, and forced viewers to take certain routes while setting up relationships that questioned the power politics of being watched.



Concept Sketch


Concept Model


Protoype Model


Protoype Model

“Insight” Installation for Künstlerhaus Global Tools Exhibition

Künstlerhaus, Vienna
Vienna, Austria and Espoo, Finland
Design Team:
Stuart A. Veech, Mascha Veech - Kosmatschof, Alexander Ott
Michael Schultes
©Sabine Gruber, Veech x Veech