Studio 44 Loft

Studio 44 Loft

By converting the lobby of this well-known Viennese institution, Veech x Veech set a new standard for multimedia events spaces while delivering a new architectural identity for the venue.

With a brief to convert and modernise the existing lobby of the Studio 44 venue into a technologically advanced, multifunctional events space, Veech x Veech’s response was to create a 450sqm space that has a distinct personality of its own yet remains flexible enough to accommodate the needs of the corporate, cultural and professional communities that regularly use the space for events.

Veech x Veech’s approach was to integrate numerous technical upgrades into the new perimeter wall, floor and ceiling surfaces. The design team enhanced flexibility through innovative textile acoustic walls to screen digital media, a retractable bar, and rotating and sliding video panels that act as partitions as well as presentation screens.

A key element of the space is the programmable feature lighting, which includes three large, dramatic, custom-made lights that hover over the double-height atrium. These can be animated as well as change colour, providing the space with a central focus. The scheme was nominated for a prestigious German Prize for Lighting Design in 2014, in recognition of Veech x Veech’s technologically advanced lighting design.


Casinos Austria and Austrian Lotteries
Vienna, Austria
Design Team:
Stuart A. Veech, Mascha Veech-Kosmatschof, Thomas Milly, Bernhard Trummer, Miguel Pereira, Maria Nardelli, Martin Oberascher
Architekturbüro Riss ZT-GmbH, brandRat ZT GesmbH, KWI Engineers GmbH, Dipl. Ing. Peter Schnebel, PCD ZT-GmbH, Norbert Wolfsberger, Peter Willensdorfer Project Management: Sattler und Reichl Projektmanagement GmbH
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