Sportalm Store Concept

Sportalm Store Concept

The permanent retail brand strategy for this high-end Austrian sports retailer evolved from the earlier pop-up design.

The concept for the new generation of Sportalm stores was developed in partnership with Baar-Baarenfels Architekten, whose office carried out the further development and realization of the initial concept, which was then rolled out internationally.

The team developed the initial idea conceived for the temporary shop and used architectural design as branding for the retailer’s permanent stores. The design reflected the snowscapes of the Tyrol region of Austria, where the Sportalm brand originated, through the large-scale use of white, and at the same time integrated the rough wooden surfaces traditional in the Tyrol area.

The concept combined this natural material with three-dimensionally formable, high-tech surfaces, such as a hard-wearing composite that gave the walls and shelving a seamless, fluid appearance, referencing the glistening ski slopes.


Vienna, Austria
Concept Design
Design Team:
Mascha Veech-Kosmatschof, Robert Grössinger, Martin Krcha, Utku Mutlu, in partnership with Baar-Baarenfels Architekten