“Migrating Cities” during Venice Biennale

timeline-02antarctic-pavilion-venice-architecture-biennale-igor boury

Antarctic Pavilion: Antarctopia
7 June–23 November, 2014
Fondaco Marcello, Grand Canal, Venice

The Antarctic Pavilion brings together leading international architects and artists to explore present and future models of living with Antarctica. The Pavilion’s status as a ‘[trans]National Pavilion’ also constitutes a polemical engagement with the Biennale’s nationally over-determined structure: a quasi-institutional claim to represent a transnational sphere, out of line with the festival’s politics of territorial representation. More importantly, it points to Antarctica as a Giardini of sorts, in which the sovereignty-obsessed cultural ambitions relevant two centuries ago still seem to hold sway – for the worse.

Analogous to birds and other migratory species, the hovering “buildings” move freely across the continent adjusting to the continuously expanding and contracting ice formations and terrain conditions creating new temporary agglomerative cluster communities to escape the hostile environment and desolate isolation.

Fondaco Marecello,
San Marco 3415 (Calle dei Garzoni), 30124

A catalogue entitled Antarctopia will be published by Oceanic Fund Projects & Papergraf to coincide with this exhibition.