Casinos Austria and Austrian Lotteries Headquarters nominated for German Lighting Design award 2014

Veech x Veech have completed a comprehensive internal and external redesign of the main entrance of the Casinos Austria & Austrian Lotteries Headquarters and also converting the foyer of the in-house venue STUDIO 44 into a multifunctional event space, the STUDIO 44 LOFT. The design focus creates a strong architectural identity for public assessable entrance areas, in respect to the complex functional and technical premises.

Such as, high security, energy efficiency and social responsibility, within given constraints of the existing building. The main foyer was completely restructured providing space for a visitor lounge, the entrance façade retrofitted with frameless 6,60m high extra clear glass elements achieving the design objective of reaching the maximum level of transparency and lightness.

The 400m² refurbishment of the STUDIO 44 LOFT space central focus is the synchronicity of customized visual and lighting material surfaces. Creating unique individual ambient atmospheres enhances the multifaceted requirements of daily corporate, cultural and social events.

In recognition of VMA´s innovative custom design solution integrating advanced lighting technologies within an original architectural footprint the project has been nominated for the prestigious German Lighting Design Award 2014.