Stuart Veech FH Voralberg Open Idea Talk on October 9, 2019


Stuart Veech was invited by Univ Lect. Markus Hanzer to give a talk about VXV as part of the OpenIdea series.

Form Follows Media

The main focus of the presentation will focus on analyzing the synergetic relationship between media and architecture at its impact on tomorrow´s world.

The starting point is to reflect upon the key modernists who embraced a cross-disciplinary approach that developed during the Russian Avantgarde, Futurism, Dada, and Bauhaus and exploded during the 1960s with the second wave of modernism spread globally. The fusion between multiple disciplines leads to a more universal design approach linking artists, poets, architects, designers, and technicians together to create far-reaching visions for the future.

Noted theorists and practitioners, such as Lissitzky/Melnikov/Rodchenko/Leonidov, Bucky Fuller, Charles Eames, and Archigram have laid the foundation for collaborative interaction which explored various forms of communication and challenging the cities of tomorrow. The rapid onslaught of technological developments since the introduction of the internet Information Age requires a more formidable interdisciplinary approach to re-structure and re-think future technologies in our built environment. The architecture of tomorrow will be a more fluid hybrid synthesis between analog/digital and real/virtual environments integrating mobility, media, and advanced material technologies all integrated by networked technologies blurring the boundaries that currently exist.

What will result will be new performative characteristics, such as Augmented Functionality; Choreographed Efficiency; and Engineered Experience which open up new possibilities to integrate, enhance and protect our global environment.

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