Allianz Experience World

Allianz Experience World

This concept design for the insurance giant Allianz envisioned a landmark building that promoted new ways of interaction, thereby attracting and engaging with a younger generation, and could be adapted and rolled out to multiple sites globally.

Allianz felt that the nature of its business meant there were few opportunities to engage with its audience, owing to its not producing a tangible product.

Its brief to Veech x Veech was to create a concept for a building that would be a place to engage with the brand and communicate its values in an educative but playful manner to a young urban audience. The building needed to be adaptable to the parameters of the respective urban sites while retaining its visual recognisability and architectural identity.

Veech x Veech’s solution was to create a building within a building that promoted a different way for people to interact with each other. An organically shaped structure floats inside a rigid, orthogonal glass envelope, meaning that there is a covered, public plaza and park – open 24 hours – that connects to the city.

Inside the free-form “cocoon” are interactive exhibition areas that explain the role insurance plays in daily life and connect with younger audiences through games, temporary exhibitions and lounge areas. The architectural strategy meant that the building would become part of the company’s corporate brand, with the building-within-a-building concept being adaptable to any site worldwide.


Concept Model


Concept Model

Schematic Section

3D Study


Allianz AG / DMC Group
Design Team:
Stuart A. Veech, Mascha Veech - Kosmatschof, Alexander Ott, Niv Baniahmad
Images & Photos:
Veech x Veech