BMW Pavilion

BMW Pavilion

This invited competition entry for BMW proposed a temporary structure to launch new vehicles at various racetracks around Europe.

Veech x Veech’s winning design was for a mobile pavilion that could readily travel to multiple locations to launch BMW’s 1 series, being easy to transport and assemble. The brief was for three separate spaces to host events, catering and a garage. The design team investigated this suggestion and proposed one combined space.

The dramatic building was to be raised on a giant scissor jack that took this pavilion from flat-pack to completed structure within hours. The central element of the design was a hydraulic car lift within its core, which would allow cars to be brought down from the pavilion’s interior to the track for test driving. The aerodynamic form, which would give impressive views of the race track above which it hovered, was designed as an aluminium frame covered in a translucent, waterproof textile. Access would be provided by a ramp, leaving space underneath to accommodate a large number of visitors. The interior was to be zoned into different areas to host an exhibition as well as for entertaining.




Concept Model




BMW Group - Munich
Design Team:
Stuart A. Veech, Mascha Veech - Kosmatschof, Peter Mitterer, Jens Mehlan, Jorg Hugo, Christoph Opperer
Prof. Tom Barker (Engineer)