The design scheme of this single-family house located on a lake front in eastern Austria was determined by the client’s brief to create a layout that would give an impression of generous perceptible space despite the limited buildable area.

The design of the one-story house responds to both the rhomboid shape of the building site and the south-facing, lakeside setting. Since the regulations of the summer recreation resort restricted the size of buildable enclosed area to 160sqm, Veech x Veech maximized the usable living spaces of the house by organizing open-plan, interior living areas around the patio in the inner courtyard.

Separated from the interior by fully-glazed sliding doors, the partially-roofed patio acts as an extension of the interior spaces and enjoys panoramic views toward the lake while being protected against the windy conditions typical for the region. At the same time, the scheme foresees a maximum of privacy, being predominantly closed on the outside.

The two small, children’s bedrooms face the front garden on the north-eastern side of the building and do not have direct access to the outside. The building incorporates sustainable solutions such as geothermal water, a reversible heat pump for heating and cooling, and a home automation system. Triple glazing, external sun shading, and a cantilevered projecting roof reduce heat gain at the south-facing facades.


Private Commission
Burgenland, Austria
Under Construction
Building Area:
Design Team:
Stuart A. Veech, Mascha Veech-Kosmatschof, Joao Passanha, Bernhard Trummer, Ange Weppernig
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