Penthouse Apartment – Paris

Penthouse Apartment – Paris

The client brief was for a comprehensive conversion vertically linking two apartments in an old building in central Paris. The design challenge was not only to custom design all the interior surfaces and furnishing elements but also to plan a hidden integration of acoustic, home automation and complex climate control systems.

Requested to vertically link two apartments in central Paris and create a fluid, bespoke interior of customised material combinations for wall surfaces, furniture and lighting, Veech x Veech developed a two-storey atrium room opening up the interior volume and accentuated by an elegant, custom-designed, 3D-formed Corian staircase linking the two floors.

The design focus was aimed at custom detailing of all interior surfaces, with an intricate palette of materials specifically selected for the various spaces, creating unique textural conditions and a sensual haptic experience.

The living spaces on the upper floor open up to a spacious terrace that concentrates the spectacular view toward the Eiffel Tower while providing a series of intimate zones for retreat. The lower level incorporates a child’s bedroom and playroom, dressing and utility areas, and a guest suite.



Concept Plan


Private commission
Paris, France
Building Area:
Design Team:
Stuart A. Veech, Mascha Veech-Kosmatschof, Pavel Zeldovich, Peter Mitterer, Joao Passanha, Utku Mutlu, Gregor Stolz
Bollinger Grohmann Engineers, KamperBau