BTV News Studio

BTV News Studio

VXV introduces a new cinematic 360-degree advanced media environment in Sofia for bTV Media Group.

Veech x Veech began the project in 2017 to strategically analyze the complex on-air programme relationships that needed to be completely re-thought and re-positioned during the design process. The design team conducted a series of investigative workshops and full scale prototypes to optimize the design over the course of the 18-month period. The result is a stunning futuristic environment allowing for maximum flexibility in camera choreography and functional efficiency in a series of presets to rapidly modify the content presented inside the space.

link to 360-degree panoramic view:

bTV interview with VXV Creative Director link:

VXV integrated a series of eight high-resolution LED video walls embedded into a nearly continuous perimeter ambient 10.4mm LED video wall to provide a vibrant luminous surface for both content presentation and brand identity. All three set locations are equipped with different LED configurations which underscores a subtle secondary branding of each programme due to the contrasting video content and camera framing. Each programme utilizes augmented technologies to enhance the content presentation throughout the current daily 8hr schedule broadcasted from the studio space. The design allows for a dynamic choreography of camera compositions as the programmes utilize multiple areas of the studio for different types of content presentation resulting in a more free flowing fluid information-age environment.


About bTV

bTV Media Group, part of the family of Central European Media Enterprises (CME) and TimeWarner, is the most comprehensive source of information and entertainment on the Bulgarian and central European media market.

“After holding an international pitch where we invited the best design and architecture companies in the world, it’s a privilege for us that we managed to attract Veech x Veech, known for their revolutionary projects on the world market, in Bulgaria. The design they created for us is a significant step ahead for the TV industry all across Europe,” commented Venelin Petkov, News, Current Affairs and Sports Director of bTV Media Group.




bTV Media Group
Sofia, Bulgaria
Project Duration:
2017- 2019; on-air since June 1st 2019
Design Team:
Stuart A. Veech, Mascha Veech-Kosmatschof, Thomas Milly, Mihai Potra
Design for Broadcast, Studio Architecture
VXV, bTV Media Group