ORF1 News Studio

ORF1 News Studio

Once again, challenged to design a broadcast studio that would attract an even younger audience to re-position the ORF1 news channel, Veech x Veech created another unique visual identity to coincide with the launch of the new channel branding by Norwegian/Austrian design agency Bleed (Bleed also was also responsible for the VXV brand identity re-launch in 2014).

With the start of the new ORF1 channel management the launch of the news programme Magazin1 and the re-launch of ZIB18 / ZIB20 / ZIB Nacht, the Austrian broadcaster ORF began to strategically target young audiences.

Veech x Veech´s primary focus was to clearly differentiate the design language from the ORF2 Newsroom (ZIB1 / ZIB2) designed originally in 2007 and still on-air also with a series of secondary current affairs and discussion formats. The visual language is distinctive by contrasting the futuristic luminous space designed by VXV in 2013 (https://veechxveech.com/project/broadcast-studios/orf/). The material haptic was also modified to introduce a more architectural character introducing concrete surfaces (floor & wall treatments), wood (news plinth, platform) and a composition of 7 high resolution LED video walls all varying in size. The LED walls emphasize the perspective linearity and allow maximum efficiency and flexibility in both program pre-sets and camera choreography.



Veech-x-Veech-ORF1_BAU-04 Veech-x-Veech-ORF1_BAU-06


ORF – Austrian Broadcasting Corporation
Vienna, Austria
Design Team:
Stuart A. Veech, Mascha Veech-Kosmatschof, Thomas Milly, Mihai Potra
Design 2018/2019. On air since April 8, 2019
Design for Broadcast, Studio Architecture