Televisions – Kunsthalle Wien

Televisions – Kunsthalle Wien

This experimental exhibition design prompted the beholder to experience artworks from unexpected viewpoints, and therefore challenged the way in which we view art.

The unconventional brief from Vienna’s international, contemporary art venue Kunsthalle Wien asked Veech x Veech to challenge the usual way of displaying artworks.

The exhibition, which was curated by New York curator Joshua Decter and presented works by 70 artists responding to the influence of television, was shown in a large, vaulted, 900sqm space. In the same way that each artist interrogated the role of television in their work, the exhibition design examined how we view works of art; the design by Veech x Veech created unexpected viewpoints from which to engage with the works.


To achieve this, the team designed a layered space featuring multiple levels. This created unusual vantage points that allowed the works to be viewed from unconventional angles and perspectives. A scaffolded bridge covered in a translucent membrane ran the entire length of the space and created a temporary, elevated exhibition area that linked the upper-floor galleries. By playing with the circulation route, Veech x Veech provoked curiosity amongst visitors while at the same time giving them the impression that they were both viewers and being viewed: a unique four-dimensional spatial experience.

This project was nominated for the Joseph Binder Design Award.


Installation Process


Kunsthalle Wien
Vienna, Austria
Design Team:
Stuart A. Veech, Mascha Veech - Kosmatschof, Alexander Ott, Constantin Papachristopolous
WerkraumWien Ingenieure, Ange Weppernig, Michael Schultes
©Christian Wachter, Veech x Veech