A large scale inflatable structure, this mobile pavilion formed the central part of a touring exhibition to celebrate the European Year of Languages.

Designed as the central element of a touring exhibition in Austria as part of the European Year of Languages, the mobile pavilion was constructed from a pneumatic membrane, providing a soft interface between the interior and exterior spaces.

The alien-like structure, which featured multiple air vents that created a striking outline, lit up artificially at night to create a dramatic effect, glowing against each location’s existing architecture. The pavilion provided a physical pop-up space for various events, including TV and radio programmes, which drew attention to Europe’s cultural richness.

The interior featured an interactive terminal that displayed multi-layered text in multiple languages on the transparent perspex layers. The design acted as an icon for integration; notably, it did not employ any branding, but instead created a brand through the architecture itself.


Concept Model


Installation Process


Austrian Ministry for Education and Art, ORF Enterprise
Austrian Roadshow Tour
10m diameter
Design Team:
Stuart A. Veech, Mascha Veech - Kosmatschof, Alexander Ott, Constantin Papachristolous
WerkraumWien Ingenieure
Sabine Gruber, Veech x Veech